Friday, July 15, 2011

The Four Stages

There are always four stages to attaining any new skill or knowledge:The unconscious incompetent ( you don't know what you don't know);The conscious incompetent ( you know what you don't know);The conscious competent ( you know what you know); and last and certainly best, The unconscious competent ( you are so good you don't even know what you know. It just happens naturally. I am proud to say that I am moving from the unconscious incompetent level to the conscious incompetent level when it comes to social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Active Rain, etc.). I really know what I don't know and it is a ton. It can also be very scary. But as Steve Friedman says, it is no longer optional. We should all feel that way about what we don't know.

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Sean M. Carpenter said...

Stick with it Jane. Each day and each opportunity to engage makes it that much more understandable.

I'm excited to watch you "get it"