Friday, July 15, 2011

The Four Stages

There are always four stages to attaining any new skill or knowledge:The unconscious incompetent ( you don't know what you don't know);The conscious incompetent ( you know what you don't know);The conscious competent ( you know what you know); and last and certainly best, The unconscious competent ( you are so good you don't even know what you know. It just happens naturally. I am proud to say that I am moving from the unconscious incompetent level to the conscious incompetent level when it comes to social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Active Rain, etc.). I really know what I don't know and it is a ton. It can also be very scary. But as Steve Friedman says, it is no longer optional. We should all feel that way about what we don't know.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fooling Yourself

Fooling myself is really, really hard. Quite frankly, it doesn't work. I really cannot do it and yet so many people do a bang up job of fooling themselves, being in denial when they KNOW something is wrong. Imagine if they took all that energy that they use to fool themselves and put it into actually solving the problem?