Friday, June 25, 2010

The Summer of Our Discontent

It was supposed to solve all our problems. It was the "bridge over troubled waters". It was the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
The tax credit. The tax credit which was supposed to totally re-vitalize the housing market.
Now along with the oil leak destroying tourism and property values in the Southern coastal states, we hear of 1400 prison inmates receiving almost 9 million dollars in tax credit money (???) and with the thrust of the tax credit stampede dying back ( and at this moment, no extension on the final closing date requirement of June 30th) we have to quickly face reality again.
Okay, we were able to bury our heads back in the historic sands for a while but the sand is being blown away.
If ever there was a time to evaluate how we do business and what skills have we learned, it is now.
If you thought the stimulus was going to rescue you from actually being dragged into the 21st century, you were wrong.
If you thought we were going back to the "good old days", you were wrong.
If you thought you didn't have to be sharp, skilled or educated ( I hate the word "trained"- it makes us sound like monkeys), you were wrong,wrong, wrong.
How it frustrates me as a manager who recruits and talks to new and experienced agents to see how little value is placed on what they need and must learn and maintain as a learning level. (See my blog "No Diplomatic Immunity Here) I guess I cannot blame them. Few other companies out there put any value on it either. Split is everything, education, nothing.
If this attitude is as prevalent in other industries as it is in real estate, I guess we shouldn't be surprised that oil "professionals" cannot figure out how to stop the gusher.
How depressing.

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